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Split Test: Should You Use A Photo For Your Background?


A customer of ours recently asked if they should use a photo background on their Megaphone page rather than a blank background, to maximize conversions.

Unknowingly, they had set off a fiery but healthy (we promise) dispute in our office :-)

See, most of us felt strongly that a photo background was the best choice. However, one dissenting voice said they had seen evidence before that showed blank backgrounds to work better.

We wanted to settle this, so we decided to run a simple split test to see how a photo background would perform against a blank background…

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Megaphone Mix (August 2014): Our Favorite Signup Pages Of The Month

It’s time for another Megaphone Mix (see July’s), where we bring together a collection of our favorite Megaphone pages, created by our very own customers.

To give you some new ideas and inspiration for your own Megaphone pages, we selected five signup pages that show off some of the really cool stuff you can do with Megaphone.

With that said, let’s get started…

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Split Test: How Effective Are Video Background Pages?


Ever wanted to know if a landing page with a video running in the background converted at high rates?

Our initial hunch was no, being that in our previous tests, we’ve always seen single background image pages outperform video background pages.

In fact, in the last couple of launches we ran, we ended up yanking the video background version of the opt-in test because the single background image version always outperformed it (and we’re talking several thousands of visitors per test here).

Nevertheless, there’s still been a lot of chatter about testing video background pages.  So, we thought we would run a simple test this week and see for ourselves if we were missing anything since we had been a little bit biased from our previous launches.

For our experiment, we ran a split test between a video background page and a rotating image page to see which converted better.

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Kajabi Rewind: Our Top Highlights From July/August

We’ve had so much going on these past couple months, we thought it’d be helpful to slow it down and rewind the past month for you.  We created a “Kajabi Rewind" of July/August to highlight some of the cool things we’ve been up to…

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What Shark Week Can Teach You About Capturing More Of Your Target Audience


Shark Week continues its run of entertaining programs this week, capturing the imagination of viewers and inducing a frenzy among people who love sharks and people who fear them.  

As a collective, we are both fascinated by and terrified of sharks.  And, judging by the latest Shark Week ratings, they won’t be leaving our consciousness anytime soon.

So in honor of Shark Week, let’s take a look at how great white sharks, one of the most misunderstood creatures on the planet, can teach us about business and marketing.

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[Kajabi Chalk Talk Hijacked] Episode #1: Lights, Camera, Action

image   image

Shhh… don’t tell Kenny & Travis.  We, the Kajabi team, have hijacked Chalk Talk.

In this new series (don’t worry, Kenny & Travis aren’t going anywhere), we’re going to share some of the cool things we do here at Kajabi, and offer some helpful lessons we’ve picked up in our experiences working here.

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7 Methods To Generate Traffic Without Google

In the past month, Google has made small but substantial changes to its Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), spelling certain doom for businesses who have been wiped from the top page.  In the current online landscape, having a high ranking could mean all the difference for the success of any business.

Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that for the majority of small businesses, to organically rank high on Google against the giant companies with endless cash flows and a slew of backlink building and content writing is quite a mountain to climb.

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Five Guidelines You Need To Implement On Twitter

As you know, the advent of Twitter has heightened the engagement between users and brands to an unprecedented level.  

Over on the Mention blog, they’ve tracked and analyzed more than one billion social media mentions, discovering that 67% of all company mentions are delivered through Twitter (that’s 670 million!).  They put their findings together into one big helpful infographic, which we share with you below.

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The Megaphone Mix (July 2014): Our Top Customer Signup Pages From This Month

Ever wanted to see what sort of marketing pages Megaphone users are putting together?

Every month, we’ll bring you a collection of our top Megaphone pages, created by our very own customers.

This time around, we selected five of our favorite signup pages to give you some new ideas and inspiration to get you started on your Megaphone page.

What you’ll see below are some really cool possibilities of what you can do with our beautiful templates:

So without further ado..

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