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10 Tools For Writing Copy That Converts


Is your landing page copy getting you the conversions you need?

For most of us, writing copy doesn’t comes naturally, but it has to be emphasized because it can make all the difference between bounce and conversion.

To help you increase your number of conversions, we put together a list of 10 free tools you can easily use to quickly improve your landing page copy.

So, even if writing brilliant copy isn’t your forte, if you can make effective use of these tools, you’ll see improvement in your copywriting and consequently a boost in your conversion rates.

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Split Test: Can Removing A Form Field Increase Your Conversion Rates?


Can removing a form field from your signup pages increase your conversion rates?

Even though the existence of name and email address form fields on every signup page is widely accepted and not given too much thought, we were curious to know if a name field was always necessary for capturing leads.

We wondered if we omitted a name field on certain pages, could we reduce the friction for converting and actually raise conversion rates?

To answer to this question, we ran a split test to see whether or not a signup page with 1 form field performed better than a page with 2 form fields.

Have a look at what we found in our results below…

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Split Test: Do You Need A Graphic On Your Landing Page?


How important is it to have a graphic on your landing page?

The answer seems obvious - graphics help capture the attention of your visitors and boost conversion rates, right?

Here at Kajabi, we take nothing for granted, so we wanted to see if there were times when this didn’t hold true.

We ended up running a split test to see whether or not a landing page with a simple graphic would make a difference in conversion rates.

The answer may surprise you…

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[Kajabi Chalk Talk] Episode #20: Winter Is Coming

image   image

As summer comes to a close and fall begins, it’s time for you to “brace your business,” because “winter is coming.” ;-)

…some of you might not catch the “Game of Thrones” (one of my favorite TV shows) reference, so let me explain: 

In “Game of Thrones,” winter is a rare period of death and decay that only comes around every ten years.  That got me thinking…

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8 Principles Of Every High Converting Landing Page


Your landing page is missing something - that is, if it lacks one of the 8 principles of every high-converting landing page.

Here at Kajabi, we know there’s always room for improvement when it comes to optimizing your landing page.

We’re testing new designs all the time and are often surprised how well we do when we go against conventional marketing wisdom.

So, based on our own results, we put together a checklist of 8 guidelines every high-converting landing page needs to follow.

You can quickly and easily implement these strategies to boost your page’s performance.

Let’s get started…

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Split Test: Should You Use A Photo For Your Background?


A customer of ours recently asked if they should use a photo background on their Megaphone page rather than a blank background, to maximize conversions.

Unknowingly, they had set off a fiery but healthy (we promise) dispute in our office :-)

See, most of us felt strongly that a photo background was the best choice. However, one dissenting voice said they had seen evidence before that showed blank backgrounds to work better.

We wanted to settle this, so we decided to run a simple split test to see how a photo background would perform against a blank background…

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Megaphone Mix (August 2014): Our Favorite Signup Pages Of The Month

It’s time for another Megaphone Mix (see July’s), where we bring together a collection of our favorite Megaphone pages, created by our very own customers.

To give you some new ideas and inspiration for your own Megaphone pages, we selected five signup pages that show off some of the really cool stuff you can do with Megaphone.

With that said, let’s get started…

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Split Test: How Effective Are Video Background Pages?


Ever wanted to know if a landing page with a video running in the background converted at high rates?

Our initial hunch was no, being that in our previous tests, we’ve always seen single background image pages outperform video background pages.

In fact, in the last couple of launches we ran, we ended up yanking the video background version of the opt-in test because the single background image version always outperformed it (and we’re talking several thousands of visitors per test here).

Nevertheless, there’s still been a lot of chatter about testing video background pages.  So, we thought we would run a simple test this week and see for ourselves if we were missing anything since we had been a little bit biased from our previous launches.

For our experiment, we ran a split test between a video background page and a rotating image page to see which converted better.

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Kajabi Rewind: Our Top Highlights From July/August

We’ve had so much going on these past couple months, we thought it’d be helpful to slow it down and rewind the past month for you.  We created a “Kajabi Rewind" of July/August to highlight some of the cool things we’ve been up to…

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