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[Kajabi Chalk Talk] Episode #13: STOP HUSTLING

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I want to share with you one of the principles we use as we run our company that may seem, on the surface, very counter-productive or just downright bad practice.  

And that is to STOP HUSTLING….

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[Kajabi Chalk Talk] Episode #12: Be A Real Hero

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I’m going to talk about how to be a real hero.  

Now, I’ve got this shirt on of the Punisher. I don’t know if you’re familiar with this “superhero.”

He’s not really a hero; he’s actually an anti-hero. He has no moral qualities about him, so I thought it would be appropriate to talk about a real hero and not a hero like the Punisher.

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[Kajabi Chalk Talk] Episode #11: Be The Farmer

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I have this farmer theme in my talks quite a bit. Why?

Well, I grew up on a farm. And all through my teens and early 20s, I had to work on farms a ton. So I attribute many of the key life and business principles I’ve learned to working hard while doing farm work.

Throughout these years, I was able to closely study the processes of these wise old farmers, and they gave me so much knowledge. 

I want to share some of that with you today…

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[Kajabi Chalk Talk] Episode #10: Declare War

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There’s a song that goes, “War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!”

That might be true in some cases, but what I’m talking about today is declaring war in your business.

When Kenny and I first started Kajabi, I remember how we approached it like we were in a war…

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[Kajabi Chalk Talk] Episode #9: Your Customer Journey

Have you ever wondered how the experts move people from prospects into buyers? How they convert new visitors into lifetime customers? It seems so natural, right?

Well, you’re about to learn the simple strategy to how they do that today. And guess what? It seems so natural because it doesn’t involve “selling” something.

This is something ANYONE can do - including YOU - and you can be yourself <sigh of relief>!

Chalene Johnson stopped by our offices to film this Kajabi Chalk Talk for you on mapping out a simple journey you can lead anybody on to convert them into your customer…

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[Kajabi Chalk Talk] Episode #8: 5 Instagram Tips From A Social Media Expert

You’re in for a real treat today. On today’s Kajabi Chalk Talk, we have a very special guest!

Chalene Johnson, a Kajabi user who’s become a great friend to us, is going to teach you the top 5 tips she has for using Instagram to promote your business.

Chalene is a social media expert who has 345,000 Instagram followers and 336,000 Facebook page likes (um… WOW).

'Nuff said! You NEED to listen to her top 5 strategies for using Instagram…

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Why You Must Learn To Delegate

Are you tired of spending your energy on the wrong things?

Well, we’ve got another free training for you from our friend and Kajabi power user, Chalene Johnson, that will certainly give you some great ideas for solving this common problem…

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[Kajabi Chalk Talk] Episode #7: Our Productivity Secret

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We love teaching marketing tips and tricks that we’ve learned in our business, but we also love when we get to share behind-the-scenes info on how we actually run our business.

Because the truth is, as hard as we work on our Chalk Talks, we aren’t focusing solely on them all day. We actually have a thriving software business!

We’ve learned so much by just being in the trenches and running Kajabi on a day-to-day basis, so we’re happy to impart the knowledge we’ve acquired along the way to help you create a faster pathway to success…

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Change Your Friends, Change Your Life

As you begin this new week, we wanted to help you do more with your time by teaching you how to associate yourself with the right group of people.

We could think of no better person to help us teach that than fitness celebrity and Kajabi power user Chalene Johnson, who definitely knows what it takes to surround yourself with a great team.

Chalene is super down-to-earth, which is also why we know you’ll be able to relate to this training of hers on choosing your friendships.

If you’d like to learn more about Chalene, check her out here.

Make sure you leave a comment below after you watch the video and let us know what you need to do to surround yourself with better people! :)

When you want to change your life, you have to immediately recognize that you must change your environment.

Changing your environment often means changing the people you hang out with, because they’re most likely a big part of your environment…

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