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[Kajabi Chalk Talk] Episode #3: The Conversion Myth

We want to dispel a myth we’ve been hearing so often lately: that the template you use for your landing page is all that matters in how it converts.

Supposed landing page “gurus” are out there promoting this false hope that if you just use their templates, you’ll automatically get more opt-ins and sales.

Is that true? Of course NOT! There is no magical layout when it comes to landing pages that will result in more people signing up for your offer.

No, landing page conversion goes way beyond some simple template that you just download and plug in.

Sure, your template can be a factor in the success of your landing page, but did you know that it’s really just the starting point of the full equation, and that sometimes it doesn’t even matter?

But that’s not something you’ll hear from most landing page “experts”.

Frankly, we’re fed up with it. It’s about time that somebody gave you a complete picture of what actually makes landing pages convert, and that’s why we created this episode of Kajabi Chalk Talk…

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