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Happy Thanksgiving from Kajabi

We wanted to express our thanks to you.

We’re grateful for you, for the business you’re building to help others, and for the opportunity to serve you through our software. Thank you!


And from all of us here at Kajabi… Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you have a great time with your friends and family and celebrate the things that matter most.

- Kenny, Travis, and the Kajabi Team

The Amazing Candy Tree

This Halloween, Travis took up the dangerous task of providing candy to impatient trick-or-treaters in Old Town Tustin. Check out the ridiculous contraption he came up with to carry out the job…

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New Landing Page Template: Bambino

We’re excited to bring you another brand new Megaphone landing page template today called “Bambino”.

It works great for giveaways, whether it be a report, an ebook, a video, a training, or any other type of free information.

See how easy it is to work with here:

You can also play around with a live demo of it here:


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New Megaphone Feature: Real-Time Stats w/ Demographics

We are excited to announce a brand new feature inside Megaphone - an upgrade to our already cool feature of real-time stats:

Now, inside your stats page, you get real-time demographics, so you can see how your signups vary across the board in gender, age, and marital status.

Target Your Visitor And Reduce Advertising Cost

Imagine what you could do with this information. Once you know the type of visitor you’re attracting, you can do more demographical targeting on places like Google, Facebook, and other ad networks that allow demographical targeting - you’ll be lowering your ad spend as you’re going after a more targeted type of visitor.

Or, if you’re not attracting the right type of person, you can set which demographics you want to exclude from your targeting, and in the process save yourself from wasting money on click or impressions from the type of visitors you don’t want.

Refine Your Sales Message And Convert More Traffic

Also, by knowing your demographics, you can better craft your copy so that it converts higher, as you’ll have really good insight into the type of visitor coming to your Megaphone pages.

All The Info You Need, In One Beautiful Space

So think about how valuable this info will be for you - the best part is that you don’t need to log in to a bunch of different analytics services to get this info. We’ve brought everything you need to know into a simple, clean, and beautiful interface on your new Megaphone stats page.

Here’s Kenny and Travis demonstrating the demographical stats on our latest webinar:

So go ahead and log in to Megaphone and check out your new real-time stats page… now with demographics!


Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think about this new feature!

How To Become A Product Pro

This week, we were the featured guests on the ProductProCast, and we discussed what it takes to become a pro at marketing and delivering your products. We just received the full interview to share with you:

Here’s the information we covered in the interview:

  • How to make your product and site look appealing so that it attracts the right kind of customer, decreases refunds and delivers an incredible user experience
  • How to take the offline unwrapping process online
  • How to make a launch work from a technical standpoint
  • The 2 aspects of the sale of your product – the marketing and sales side, and the delivery side
  • An inside look at how Kajabi was created and what we’re up to next…
  • A special story about our most exciting moment since launching Kajabi

You can download the transcript of the interview below:


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Kajabi is moving!

You’ve probably heard us talk a lot about our office here at Kajabi or seen it as the backdrop for many of our videos and webcasts.

For the past 3.5 years our office has been in a cool almost-hundred-year-old building in the Old Town section of Tustin (in Orange County, CA).  It has a lot of character: stone walls, exposed ceilings, nice textures, lighting, and colors.


We’ve loved it here (except for the termites which swarm every September… ya… gross, right?), but the day has come where we’re saying goodbye to our current place and starting the next chapter of Kajabi in new space.


Although it’s been great (and it was an awesome location for our birthday bash a couple years ago), we had the opportunity to get a brand-new shell building and we get to design the interior floorplan, fixtures, and everything. 

The new place is going to be just as amazing… no ugly ceiling panels, cubicles, or florescent lighting.  Instead, it will have polished concrete in most areas, exposed super-high ceilings, and industrial steel pendant lighting fixtures.

When designing the space, we did not want to take the traditional approach that most conservative office buildings take: private offices around the perimeter which soak up all the good natural light, thereby making the majority of the team basically live in a dungeon with ugly florescent lighting.

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Our Top Secret Project

When Kajabi launched in 2010, we burst onto the scene and disrupted the marketplace.

We had a fresh look, innovative technology, and extreme momentum, especially in the internet marketing world.

Three quick years later, Kajabi is even better and continues to improve. We have more customers and revenue than we have ever had, and the future looks very bright.

Lots of companies would have kept riding that wave and just continued to maintain their product, but that didn’t satisfy us.

We wanted to innovate again in a big way with a new product for a new market. Today, we’re opening it to the public:


Kajabi is perfect for lots of people, and thousands of people have made money selling their digital content online with it….

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Easy Email Marketing Integration

In this video, we’ll demonstrate how easy it is to integrate your email marketing provider with Megaphone.

How To Integrate Your Email Marketing With Megaphone

1.) Choose your email marketing provider from the list

2.) Login to your email marketing provider

3.) Click “allow access” (to give Megaphone permission to communicate with your email marketing provider)

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