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For Kajabi Partners: Get More Referrals With Custom Affiliate Campaigns

If there is one thing we’re grateful for, it’s our amazing Kajabi Partners! 

You’ve built strong communities who look to you for mentorship and guidance, and you’re constantly blowing us away with the enthusiasm and creativity you bring when spreading the word about Kajabi. 

That’s why from now on, you’re going to have even more freedom and control to promote Kajabi however best fits your unique audience. 

Announcing Custom Affiliate Campaigns for Kajabi Partners!

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How To Increase Customer Engagement & Retention Using The Kajabi Mobile App

Our Kajabi app is a game-changer for all business owners who want to improve customer engagement.

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers who are serious about their business and want to succeed online.  One of our main jobs at Kajabi is to listen to our users and their customers. We take that feedback and build the necessary tools to help our users increase their impact, and subsequently create a positive customer experience.

That’s why today, we want to talk about how to keep your customers engaged and continuously coming back to your Kajabi ecosystem by leveraging the mobile app.

Retention and Engagement

Retention and engagement are vital to the health of any online business, so as an entrepreneur, expert, or influencer, you need to be thinking about them. If you aren’t familiar with these concepts, then now is a good time to start as ever.

You'll find many ways to define retention, but here we'll define it as how often users come back to your product. Are they coming back daily, weekly, monthly or some other time frame. Engagement, on the other hand, is about the breadth of retention. Meaning, when they come back to your product, how are they interacting with it? How many lessons have they consumed? How much time are they spending? Sites like Facebook have high retention and high engagement. Users come back often and they take a lot of different actions.

It’s no surprise, then, that the most engaged users make up your best customers. They’re the ones who will keep paying you for your products. And keeping them happy is the hallmark of a healthy business: it's generally easier and more cost-efficient to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one.

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Let's Talk: The Kajabi Mobile App and How It Elevates Your Online Business

In this ongoing series, we sit down with leaders in the different departments here at Kajabi and talk about what they do, what they’re working on, and discuss upcoming new features.

Our latest episode of Let’s Talk! where Patrick (our Android Developer) and Jeremy (our VP of Product) sit down and discuss the Kajabi mobile app. 

Here's what they cover:

  • What is the Kajabi Mobile App? (1:00)
  • The Magic Link to make logging in a one-touch process (1:35)
  • White-label apps vs the Kajabi Mobile App (4:45)
  • How push notifications will transform customer engagement (8:30)
  • How mobile unlocks the Community feature inside Kajabi (9:30)
  • Course consumption and where product delivery is headed (11:30)
  • The future of the Mobile App (13:25)
  • Two simple ways to get your customers on the app (15:25) 

What Is The Kajabi Mobile App?

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The Wait is Over: The Kajabi Mobile App is Here!


 Ready to deliver value to your customers like never before?

Today’s the day: The Kajabi Mobile App is live and ready for download!

We’ve anticipated this launch for a long time and we know you have too. 

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Heart of A Hero: Emily Hawkins


Welcome back to Heart of a Hero, our recurring blog series where we take a closer look at some of our Kajabi Heroes and their awesome Kajabi businesses!

Today you’re going to hear from Emily Hawkins, a Career and Life coach from Atlanta who helps people find their voice and become leaders. You’ll hear how Emily went from having to do everything in her business manually (even taking orders over Paypal) to being able to go on vacation to Disney World during her latest launch!

Before Kajabi: 

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