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Behind Our New Mobile App


“Your universe, in your customers’ pockets.”

We recently sat down with the creators of the new Kajabi Mobile App and discussed what it means for all of our Kajabi users and their online businesses.

“We really wanted to meet the consumer where they are at,” says Jeremy Saenz, VP of Product, “...we didn’t want to tell our users to go somewhere and pay a bunch of money to create a mobile app. We wanted to create something that business owners can use for their customers, and not charge them anything extra for it.”

Why Create The Mobile App?

In our research, we discovered that our users’ customers wanted a way to consume content while on-the-go. It made sense. We all have busy schedules, and it’s not always easy to make time to learn in front of a computer.

“The mobile app experience will be seamless for your customers.”

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New Feature: Email Subject Line Validation

A compelling subject line gets people to read your email marketing messages. 

But when you’re trying to write something catchy and clickable, sometimes it’s hard to know how far is too far. 

Where’s the line between “intriguing” and “destined for the spam folder”?

Keep Email Deliverability High

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First Look: Kajabi's New Mobile App

hat if you had the power to beam yourself to wherever your customers needed you to be — on any device, any time of day, anywhere they go? 

Enter: The Kajabi Mobile App

Our new Kajabi mobile app is designed to give your customers a whole new level of access to the content they purchase from you. 

When they open the app, all of their purchased products will be available, and they can view them on the go, from wherever they are. 

A Pocket-Sized Online Learning Library

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Let’s Talk: Products - Why Creating And Selling Content Has Never Been Easier

In this new video series, we take you behind the scenes with leaders of the departments here at Kajabi to talk about Kajabi features that will improve your online business.

Want to learn how to get into the mindset of continuously delivering value to your customers?

Then you’ll love our latest episode of Let’s Talk, where Court (our VP of Product Experience) and Jeremy (our VP of Product) sit down and discuss all things products.

What Is a Product?

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Hero Spotlight: Sophie, Dawn, and Yuki

Sophie (left), Dawn (center), and Yuki (right) all met in college during their time at USC. Little did they know that they would end up building a business together after college working with clients such as Fenty Beauty, ColourPop Cosmetics, Youtubers and Twitch streamers.

The start of something big. 

Dawn was a freelance designer straight out of college when she started her own business. She began growing a following working with Youtubers on graphics for their Youtube channels and social media. As the demand for her services grew, she had to manage multiple aspects of the business that took away her time spent on designing where her job became more about administrative tasks and managing her clients. 

Since Dawn’s strength is design, she knew she needed help managing the operations side of her business. Dawn decided to ask her friend, Sophie if she was interested in a job opportunity. During one of their post-college meetups, Dawn approached Sophie to help her manage the business side of her design business. At the time, Sophie was in a corporate career but it was lacking creativity and opportunities for growth. Dawn spoke to Sophie about everything that was required for the role, and Sophie made the decision to leave her corporate job.

“I really wasn’t happy in my job, and I didn't feel fulfilled."

As afraid as she was jumping into this startup opportunity, Sophie was also excited. “I really wasn’t happy in my job, and I didn't feel fulfilled, but ever since working with Dawn, the first week when I turned that corner, I was really looking forward to work. Something was wrong in my life, and I wasn’t in the right place. Now, I feel like I am in a place where I can really thrive.”

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