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Fireside Chat: The Quest to Build Better Products by Understanding the "Job to be Done"

Is it feeling warm and toasty in here? It must be time for another Fireside Chat!

Recently, Jay sat down with Jeremy, our newly minted Chief Product Officer, to discuss all things Product and how the game-changing "Jobs to be Done" framework has impacted the way Kajabi approaches solving problems for our customers.

How can adopting a "Jobs to be Done" mindset improve your approach as a product creator and/or a Kajabi Partner? Tune in to find out... 

Here's what they cover: 

  • How does Kajabi figure out what customers want and need? (2:09)
  • The "Four Forces" that drive consumer behavior (3:00)
  • How a "Job Story" (instead of a "Customer Avatar") helps you build better products (6:04) 
  • What is the job that Kajabi solves for customers? (10:01)
  • How can our Kajabi partners use JTBD thinking when making referrals? (14:26)

What is "Jobs to be Done," and how does it help Kajabi figure out what customers want and need? 

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Your Kajabi Pages Questions, Answered

During the live Kajabi Pages launch event, we tried to answer as many of your questions as we could. (If you missed it, check out the replay here!) There were a ton of amazing questions and we wanted to make sure and address all of them. 

So, here’s a list of the other questions you asked that we didn’t get a chance to answer on the Kajabi Pages launch event.

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How it Works: Blazing Fast Animation Inside Kajabi Pages

A few weeks ago, we hosted a small group of #KajabiHeroes at Kajabi HQ to show them an exclusive demo of our new Kajabi Pages.  

When we asked them which feature stood out the most, we got responses like this:

“Animations - just little details like that... it just looks so much more professional, and it's literally clicking a button, so I don't have to do anything or code anything.” - Jamie Dana

And some surprising revelations, like this:

“There's one part of my business where we're actually still on Wordpress, and one of the big things that keeps us over there is animation. Creating the dynamic page… so that, what I just saw? That's the deal." - Ryan Kingslien

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Fireside Chat: All About Pricing


Whenever you're selling something online; whether it's your product or a referral you're making as a Kajabi Partner, you're going to inevitably encounter this objection:

“The price is too high!”

Now, the first time you hear this, it might throw you for a loop. You might even feel tempted to lower your price or offer a discount in response.

But the fact is, it doesn't matter what your price is. 

Price objections will always happen. 

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How To Increase Customer Engagement & Retention Using The Kajabi Mobile App

Our Kajabi app is a game-changer for all business owners who want to improve customer engagement.

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers who are serious about their business and want to succeed online.  One of our main jobs at Kajabi is to listen to our users and their customers. We take that feedback and build the necessary tools to help our users increase their impact, and subsequently create a positive customer experience.

That’s why today, we want to talk about how to keep your customers engaged and continuously coming back to your Kajabi ecosystem by leveraging the mobile app.

Retention and Engagement

Retention and engagement are vital to the health of any online business, so as an entrepreneur, expert, or influencer, you need to be thinking about them. If you aren’t familiar with these concepts, then now is a good time to start as ever.

You'll find many ways to define retention, but here we'll define it as how often users come back to your product. Are they coming back daily, weekly, monthly or some other time frame. Engagement, on the other hand, is about the breadth of retention. Meaning, when they come back to your product, how are they interacting with it? How many lessons have they consumed? How much time are they spending? Sites like Facebook have high retention and high engagement. Users come back often and they take a lot of different actions.

It’s no surprise, then, that the most engaged users make up your best customers. They’re the ones who will keep paying you for your products. And keeping them happy is the hallmark of a healthy business: it's generally easier and more cost-efficient to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one.

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