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Spotlight: Meet Our Customer Experience Team

“Our main priority when we come into work is helping others succeed.”

Our success is your success. That’s why today we wanted to take a moment and shine a light on one of our champion services that help entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers excel in their online business: our customer experience team.

What Is Our Customer Experience?

Our Kajabi Customer Experience is like having your own personal support team that helps you through every step of your journey, giving the guidance you need so you can give your customers the best experience possible with your online business.

With over 20,000+ (and counting) Kajabi customers, our customer experience team helps tear away any and all business blockages you may face and give you a clear direction to success without the frustration that normally comes with starting an online business. Our goal is to make your online business easier to run.

Helping Our Kajabi Customers Succeed

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Where We've Been and Where We're Going: A Look Back As We Celebrate 9 Years Together


You’ve probably felt the same way as Kenny, our CEO at Kajabi. 

You created something you wanted for yourself, and then found a market that could also benefit. 

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Meet The Kajabi Team: Forrest Holt


Welcome back to the Meet The Kajabi Team series! 

In this series of blogs, you get a chance to learn more about the awesome members of our Kajabi team who help support your business! 


Today you're going to meet a member of our quality assurance team; Forrest Holt!

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Catch This Replay of Friday's Hero Highlight With Jamie Dana!

Last Friday one of our awesome Kajabi heroes Jamie Dana came by the Kajabi office to sit down with Jeremy for one of our Hero Highlights! 

In this Hero Highlight you'll learn:

  • How Jamie found Kajabi and built a Million dollar business!
  • The power of niching for helping your business grow!
  • Why you want to start by focusing on serving 1 customer! 
  • Jamie's brilliant method for doing customer research! 
  • How to build real relationships with your clients! 
  • How Jamie made $17,000 on her first launch!
  • Why you should ALWAYS respond to your DMs and social media messages! 
  • Jamie's Instagram secrets! 
  • And much much more! 

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Meet The Kajabi Team: Jay Odebunmi

Welcome back to another awesome edition of the Meet The Kajabi Team blog series!

In this series of blogs, we help you get to know our wonderful Kajabi team that helps support you and your business.

Today you’re going to meet Jay Odebunmi, our Partner Program Coordinator! 

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