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Kajabi Analytics: Now With Subscription Metrics


Earlier this year, we announced a major analytics upgrade to Kajabi with a suite of new reporting that allowed our customers to gain greater insight into the key metrics of their businesses. 

As promised, it was only the beginning! 

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Customer Feedback Portal: Collaborate and Vote on Future Kajabi Updates!


Customer feedback and co-creation is huge part of our product culture. We believe the key to your success lies in us understanding who you are and which new ideas will empower you to continue to build more success in your business.

Today, we’re rolling out our new Customer Feedback Portal to facilitate communication and build on that foundation. 

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Feature Rollup: Professional Analytics, Events, and Custom Domains


UPDATE: You can watch a recording of our Facebook Live where our VP of Product, Jeremy Saenz, took a deep dive into each feature and did a Q&A session!

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The Kajabi Partner Program: Like Being Best Friends, But Better!

Do you love Kajabi?

Do you find yourself constantly telling all your friends about how easy we make it to run the online business of your dreams?

Have you ever wanted to work with us by sharing in the mission of Kajabi that starting an online business doing what you love actually doesn’t have to be that hard?

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Impact Summit 2019: The State of The E-learning Industry With Kajabi President Jonathan Cronstedt

Do you ever feel like you’re not sure if now is the right time to start or scale an e-Learning business?

In his inspiring speech at Impact Summit 2019, Kajabi president Jonathan Cronstedt (Jcron) put your fears to rest by discussing the state of the e-learning industry in 2019 and beyond!

Jcron explained why right now is the EXACT right time to start an e-learning business.

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