Announcing The Kajabi Marketplace: A Storefront of Digital Products

We’re so excited to announce that we’ve opened up the Kajabi Marketplace to the public, a curated storefront of some of the best digital products being sold on Kajabi today!

Imagine a place where students can master new skills by browsing an extensive library of products taught by YOU, the experts... that's what the new Marketplace is.

We want the world to see what you have to offer. You’ll gain exposure and make an impact on other people who have never entered your orbit before, you’ll have a chance to get your courses listed along some of the biggest household names out there, and build more brand authority.

The best part is that we’ll use our own marketing power to send traffic to the Marketplace, and for every product of yours that is sold, you keep 100% of what you sell!

How To Get Your Digital Products Listed On The Kajabi Marketplace


If you're a current Kajabi customer, getting your products submitted for a Marketplace listing is easy!

Here's how to do it:

Inside your Offer dashboard for any specific Offer, you’ll find a form to submit your application to the Marketplace. All you have to do is:

  1. Fill out a description of your product.
  2. Send in a sales video.
  3. Submit your request to our team.

That's it! We'll review your application and make sure it looks perfect for our Marketplace. This is an incredible opportunity to reach new audiences and get listed alongside other highly successful Kajabi users.

See A Diverse Set Of Digital Products On The Kajabi Marketplace Today

And if you're not a customer, we invite you to check out the Marketplace and see the diversity of products being offered on Kajabi.

It's amazing for us to see all the people, from all walks of life, sharing their knowledge with the world.

Special Offer: Get 28 Days of Kajabi for Free 

If you aren’t already a customer of Kajabi, NOW is the perfect time to get started.

That’s because we’re giving away 28 days of Kajabi for FREE to new customers as a way to celebrate the release of the Marketplace! 🎉

You could even get a product listed in the Marketplace in that time before you ever pay us a dime!

Get 28 Days of Kajabi for Free

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