Kajabi Vs Podia- Which Should You Choose

Kajabi Vs Podia.

No, it's not the latest clash between Pokemon characters, it's a showdown between two of the most popular online course creation platforms. 

Here at Kajabi, we get a lot of questions about how we compare to other platforms like Thinkific, Clickfunnels, and Teachable. 

Today we're going to look at how Kajabi stacks up to Podia. 

Let's start by taking a closer look at Podia.

Originally launched as “WithCoach” the original Podia was exclusively marketed for coaches.

Because of this Podia has always maintained serving coaches as their top concern. 

Rebranded as Podia, this stand-alone platform helps you to build an online store for your course and market it with affiliate marketing.

What is a stand-alone platform you ask?

Stand-alone platforms are designed for entrepreneurs or small businesses that want a simple way to sell branded courses online.

Stand-alone platforms provide everything you need to host and sell your course along with support and educational resources.

Most standalone platforms offer little to no marketing functionality. 

The first major difference between Kajabi and Podia is that Kajabi is an all-in-one platform while Podia is a standalone platform. 

In Podia, each store's landing page includes an overview, a "What's included" section, a content section, FAQs, and creator bios.

Podia also allows you to build membership sites! 

Podia charges no transaction fees and has no limit on the number of courses or membership sites you can create.

Podia allows you to create private groups or membership sites so that you aren’t reliant on Facebook or Linkedin.

And Podia provides excellent support for affiliate marketing.

Now let's look at some of the negatives about Podia. 

Podia doesn’t have an automated email responder, pipelines, or customizable themes.

This means that you will need to have multiple subscriptions in order to market your course with automated emails, marketing funnels, and modern themes. 

Additionally Podia also does not support webinars making it difficult to do coaching without an additional subscription to a webinar service.

Now let's see how Kajabi and Podia match up feature by feature.

Website building.  With Kajabi you can create an unlimited amount of beautiful mobile-friendly landing pages. You can also build your website with modern themes all included with your membership. Podia offers no website building feature. Your course will be stored in a membership site which you can customize a little bit with your branding, but you will need an additional service like Thrive Themes in order to build your website and landing pages for your marketing funnels. 

Advantage: Kajabi.

Email Marketing. Podia has recently added an email marketing feature that allows users to send drip campaigns and newsletters. Kajabi has an almost fully functioning CRM feature which allows you to send automated emails, create campaigns and integrate the campaigns with pipelines. 

Advantage: Kajabi. 

Course Creation.  Podia has a simple, easy to use course creation tool. Podia allows you to upload any type of file, deliver your content all at once or drip it, and even lets you prelaunch courses. Kajabi also offers a simple intuitive course creation tool. With Kajabi you can also create assessments and track your students progress as they go through the course.

Advantage: Kajabi.   

Integration. Because Podia has let built-in marketing functionality, they have more integrations. Podia integrates with everything from Hotjar to Third-party snippet apps. Kajabi has 10 built-in integrations for services like Zapier and Google Analytics, even though everything you need to run your business is in the Kajabi system. 

Advantage: Podia.

Support. Podia offers email and messenger support twenty fours hours a day, as well as live support from 9 am to 6 pm 7 days a week. Kajabi offers chat support twenty-four hours a day as well as twenty-four-hour email support and live help from our award-winning Kajabi customer support team!

Advantage: Kajabi.

Do you want a standalone platform or an all-in-one platform?

The difference between Kajabi and Podia is that Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that allows you to do everything from creating websites to using 1-click upsells in one system for one price! 

On the surface, Podia may look much cheaper than Kajabi, but if you add in the additional subscriptions it's actually virtually identical. 

But with Kajabi you won't have to juggle one system for creating websites, one for your marketing funnels and one for creating courses. 

Get everything in one place, for one price with Kajabi!

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