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Mental Health Insights Every Entrepreneur Needs Right now

Strategies to release worry, build connections, and cultivate mental grit

With so much advice floating around, most entrepreneurs know what they should be doing. And yet, when it’s time to sit down and execute, you feel stuck.

This was true before social distancing, but it’s increasingly true now.

You might have already mastered the work-from-home fundamentals: keep a routine, dress for work, dedicate a space, etc. 

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Recording Pro-Quality Video and Audio at Home

Simple tips to use what you already have

Recently, Ira Glass—host of This American Life, one of the most popular podcasts in the world—shared a photo of him recording a new episode. Like the rest of us, Ira is practicing social distancing.

Which means no access to his normal recording studio.

His solution? Record at home, in a closet.

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Should You Adjust Pricing During Uncertain Times?

Kajabi Heroes share their pricing strategies

It may feel like a weird time to launch a new offer or even start a new business online. You know you have something valuable to share… but will customers be able to afford it right now? Should you lower your prices? How do business owners find the right balance between revenue and making your offers accessible at a time like this?

You’re not alone if you’re struggling with these questions. The good news is—after speaking to entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers actually running online businesses—right now may be the perfect time to build together.

We spoke with several Kajabi Heroes to learn how their businesses are adapting pricing. Here’s what we learned.

Start with your principles

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How Resilient Entrepreneurs Are Reinventing their Businesses During the Global Crisis

Prime time to pivot

“Do something.” 

That little voice inside has been prodding, nagging, pleading with you the last few weeks. As social distancing has started affecting every industry, you’ve been thinking deeply about your business. How do you respond to the new reality? You’re an entrepreneur after all, and you’re hardwired to look for new opportunities.

Now is the time to pivot—not out of desperation or to stay afloat, but to discover growth strategies you might’ve never considered before. Some of the most innovative companies like Twitter, PayPal, and Groupon evolved from entirely different beginnings. In the last few weeks, lesser-known businesses have made sweeping changes to deliver entirely new products. 

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Stuck Indoors? Take Your Offline Business Online

3 stages to finding your footing amid uncertainty

For many entrepreneurs, building a business was about breaking free from cubicle life. It was about going out in the world and doing what you love: speaking to audiences, performing on stage, training clients in the gym. 

But recently, due to a global health crisis, we’ve all found ourselves stuck indoors.

If live events and in-person services play a critical role in your business, this means you’re suddenly facing a new reality. Your mix of offline and online business is going to have to shift entirely to the online space—at least for now. 

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