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10 Quick & Easy Knowledge Commerce Lead Magnets

Whether you teach an online course, run a membership site, or sell other types of digital products, using lead magnets to build your email list is always your number one priority.

This is the first step you take in creating a relationship with your soon-to-be customer.

Offering something of value for free or at a low entry-level price is a quick way to not only build your tribe but also to demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about and can actually help them.

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7 Simple Strategies To Build Your Email List

With the rise of social media and pay-per-click advertising, the future of email marketing seems to always be getting called into question. Poor little email.

Knowledge Commerce business owners seem to constantly be wondering where they should dedicate their time and budgets. And with so many mixed messages, it can sometimes be difficult to come to a conclusion. Especially if you’re just starting out.

Thankfully, the facts speak for themselves, and they show that list building should always a top priority for new and seasoned digital entrepreneurs.

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6 Additional Revenue Streams For Your Knowledge Commerce Business

When people want to turn their knowledge, unique skills, or passions into an online business teaching people all over the world...there’s normally two things which happen first…

They find some sort of a Knowledge Commerce Platform like Kajabi...

Then they decide on what they’re going to package up and the specific product they’re going to sell. 99% of people launching their online “infopreneur” business will start with some kind of an online course.

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[Infographic] Knowledge Commerce: How to Turn Your Skill Into a Thriving Business

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What is an infopreneur?

A term coined by H. Skip Weitzen in the 1980’s, an infopreneur is simply “a person who turns knowledge into a source of income through media, teaching, consulting, and knowledge commerce.”

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The 5 W’s That Turn New Leads Into Customers Using Email Nurture Sequences

Have you heard the news?

Email marketing is dead, gone, missing in action.

At least that’s what we’ve been hearing for years now.

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