The "5 Keys" To Selling Online Courses
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Mastering High-Ticket Phone Selling In 5 Steps

Many of us who start online businesses selling informational products, quickly come to learn the importance of still using the phone to connect with and close certain prospects. While it’s totally possible to scale to six, or even seven figures without using the phone, it can happen far easier if you do.

At Kajabi we see a wide range of digital entrepreneurs offering everything from online courses and membership sites to every kind of digital product you can imagine.

Yet without question, one of the fastest ways we see them take huge leaps in revenue occurs when they add in elements of high-ticket phone selling.

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9 Plug & Play Headline Formulas That Sell

When it comes to effectively marketing and selling digital products online, nothing is as important as crafting a powerful and compelling headline. It’s been tested, talked about, and restated time and time again.

According to the legendary ad man David Ogilvy…

“On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy.”

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3 “New” Ways To Use Kajabi In Your Online Business

At Kajabi we’re proud to be among the top platforms people speak of when thinking about creating and selling online courses. We’ve put years into developing one of the simplest tools to help entrepreneurs turn their unique skills and knowledge into valuable digital products.

We’ve seen normal, everyday people go from “zero to hero” in just a matter of months by leveraging the incredible power of a single online course.

Yet over the years, as our platform has expanded, added new features and grown to empower a digital entrepreneur to do much, much more...we’ve seen many of you taking full advantage of it! Which we love to see!

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7 Proven Lead Magnet Ideas

Sales. We all want more of them, right? But before a sale can ever occur and before your digital product is in place ready to be purchased, you need the right person in your pipeline. That’s where it all starts.

This is true whether you sell online courses, high-ticket coaching, or any kind of digital product. Getting the “right people” on the bus of your business not only makes life easier but allows growth to come faster and creates a more rewarding experience for everyone.

So that’s what today's article is all about...consistently bringing in the right leads to build and maintain a successful business.

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Powerful Positioning Secrets For The Knowledge Commerce Entrepreneur

Whether you’re a seasoned Knowledge Commerce entrepreneur who’s been selling online courses since AOL was a thing, or you’re brand new and still putting the final touches on your first digital product, one thing is undoubtedly true...

Marketing matters.

And in the online space where others are constantly clamoring for the attention of the very same prospects, marketing matters a whole lot.

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