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World of Dance Partners with Kajabi to Launch UnityFest, a Six-week Virtual Global Dance Fest

Canceled tours amid pandemic lead to new online experience and revenue stream 

Amid canceled tours, World of Dance (WOD), the world’s largest dance entertainment community with the #1 hit NBC primetime TV show, is launching a different kind of interactive experience with help from Kajabi, the industry-leading online business platform: an online dance fitness festival called UnityFest.

In a time where brand behaviors matter more than ever, “World of Dance,” a hit TV show that has traditionally relied on live studio audiences and in-person events, has discovered an alternative offering that provides an inclusive, global experience to engage and delight fans. 

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10 Unconventional Online Course Ideas in High Demand Right Now

Scroll down your Facebook feed, and you’ll most likely see friends experimenting with some new hobby or project you might’ve never expected. They’re baking artisan breads, building tool sheds, playing with watercolors. Who knew your network was full of eccentric characters? 

It turns out being stuck at home brought out the creatives in many of us. On one hand, we’re figuring out how to be more self-sufficient out of necessity. On the other hand, we’ve become more curious about topics outside of our typical realm. Is it any wonder we’re experiencing an online learning boom?

Even before the pandemic, industry analysts had predicted the e-learning market to exceed $300 billion by 2025, pointing to course diversification as a competitive advantage. Now the market is even more hungry for online courses that are off the beaten path. 

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After Landing on “Shark Tank” for a Second Time, Kajabi Hero Reveals How to Uncover Your Superpower

PrepWell Academy Founder Phil Black shares his formula for combining vision and discipline into repeatable success

 If you had less than a 0.1% chance of achieving something potentially life-changing, would you go for it . . . more than once? 

Those were the odds Phil Black had to appear on “Shark Tank,” the Emmy Award-winning reality show that features entrepreneurs pitching investors. As part of the grueling application process, he waited in line among hundreds of hopefuls for five hours, after a three-hour drive—just to give a 60-second elevator pitch.  

The odds didn’t phase Phil, and neither did the process. Getting into the most competitive and sought-after programs is his superpower. He’s a former Navy SEAL officer, Goldman Sachs investment banker, and Harvard MBA. Even though his first “Shark Tank” pitch in 2014 didn’t lead to a deal, he tried again. This time, he pitched his new business: PrepWell Academy, a college admissions preparation program. 

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Mental Health Insights Every Entrepreneur Needs Right now

Strategies to release worry, build connections, and cultivate mental grit

With so much advice floating around, most entrepreneurs know what they should be doing. And yet, when it’s time to sit down and execute, you feel stuck.

This was true before social distancing, but it’s increasingly true now.

You might have already mastered the work-from-home fundamentals: keep a routine, dress for work, dedicate a space, etc. 

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Recording Pro-Quality Video and Audio at Home

Simple tips to use what you already have

Recently, Ira Glass—host of This American Life, one of the most popular podcasts in the world—shared a photo of him recording a new episode. Like the rest of us, Ira is practicing social distancing.

Which means no access to his normal recording studio.

His solution? Record at home, in a closet.

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