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How To Save Sales Using Abandon Cart Sequences

If you’ve ever been browsing on Amazon or some other e-commerce site and added something to your cart but never actually made the purchase, you undoubtedly have seen an “abandon cart sequence” in action.

While we’d love to think that when our prospects are on our site, purchasing our product is the only thing on their mind, but most of the time that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure they’re there, but in our day of digital distractions, there’s no telling what other windows are open flashing for their attention.

As we more clearly understand this reality, the more effectively we can deal with it. What else can we do to improve our conversions with prospects who have gotten all the way to the 1-yard line but didn’t complete the purchase? That’s what we’re diving into today.

The Importance Of Following Up

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4 Steps To Creating Paid Ads That Convert

As online entrepreneurs and digital marketers, we know the importance of leveraging paid advertising to generate leads, customers, and loyal fans. When done right it’s one of the fastest ways to start and scale your online business.

The good news? Paid advertising has been proven to work extremely well whether you sell online courses, coaching, digital products, access to membership sites, or just about anything else you can think of. It’s the holy grail for turning your unique ideas into an informational product empire.

The bad news? Ad costs have and will continue to rise. It’s how works. And while that does actually sound like “bad news” to many, for those of us who know how to optimize our ads in the right way, it’ll force many of your competitors out and leave more room for people like you.

Building Your Ads On A Solid Foundation

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3 Quick Ways To Increase Your Email Click-Through Rate

No matter what business you’re in, whether selling products or services, online or offline, email marketing remains one of the top ways to connect with your customers and generate sales.

While much time is spent on coming up with new subject lines and improving our open rates, too often we forget the importance of actually making sure that our message gets both opened, read, and clicked!

If you have a 100% open rate but zero people who take the desired action, you know something is off. Imagine sending out 100 letters in the mail week after week, only to come home to zero responses? You’d have to think about not only on getting that letter opened but also the people who are reading it but not taking the action.

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Mastering High-Ticket Phone Selling In 5 Steps

Many of us who start online businesses selling informational products, quickly come to learn the importance of still using the phone to connect with and close certain prospects. While it’s totally possible to scale to six, or even seven figures without using the phone, it can happen far easier if you do.

At Kajabi we see a wide range of digital entrepreneurs offering everything from online courses and membership sites to every kind of digital product you can imagine.

Yet without question, one of the fastest ways we see them take huge leaps in revenue occurs when they add in elements of high-ticket phone selling.

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9 Plug & Play Headline Formulas That Sell

When it comes to effectively marketing and selling digital products online, nothing is as important as crafting a powerful and compelling headline. It’s been tested, talked about, and restated time and time again.

According to the legendary ad man David Ogilvy…

“On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy.”

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